I’ve written a very brief book or extremely long post outlining what I see as Jesus’ approach to self development.

It is about 35 A4 pages in 12 point. (About 25 pages of content + contents, cover etc.)

It is basically an exploration of Jesus’ saying that, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light”.  I have called it The Tao of Christ.  I thought of calling it: Light and Easy – Jesus’ approach to self development, but thought this might sound like I was trivialising the topic.

The link immediately below is the PDF.

The Tao of Christ.


This is the contents.



Preface [click to continue…]


The Domestic is the Ethical

August 9, 2015

  The Three Major Traditions in Western Ethics 1. Rules This is what people tend to think about when they think about morality or ethics. “In [this] situation you should [do this]”. This is usually presented as a dilemma about what to do in a particular situation – which rule should be applied in a […]

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If therapy is so great why aren’t therapists the world’s best at everything?

July 22, 2015

  First Answer Because therapists are often most interested in therapy. They usually do it full-time (for better and worse) and so may have other interests but rarely have time to pursue them to a high level of accomplishment. Which probably isn’t what the question is getting at. So . . .   Rephrased Question […]

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Understanding Cancer: what it is, research and treatment

July 15, 2015

  The Cancer Solution taking charge of your life with cancer  A cancer handbook for inquisitive laypersons and health care professionals by Jack C Westman   Preliminaries This book is entirely US focused. The title is a bit misleading. Though I can’t think of a title that would do it justice. It is quite broad […]

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Outrage and What to do With It

July 10, 2015

    In Australia we have the phenomenon of shock jocks. (And the newspaper equivalent – Murdoch who owns Fox”news” owns about 80% of our capital city newspapers.) I find the whole thing rather surprising. I just don’t bother listening.  So why do people listen? I was given the explanation for this by an Australian […]

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5 reasons you must write down your goals

July 7, 2015

Today a guest post from Farouk.  For those of you who like to have goals, and reach them.   All people have goals that they want to reach but some people just never pursue those goals. I kept searching for the reasons that motivate people to reach their goals and ones that prevent others from […]

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Changeology by Les Robinson

May 14, 2015

  The subtitle for this book gives a good idea of what it is about: how to enable groups, communities, and societies to do things they’ve never done before. It is a bit of a tangent to what this blog is normally about (the posts are usually individually addressed because this is how computers are […]

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The Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse

May 8, 2015

  This link was sent to me by a long-time reader of this blog.  Many thanks to them.  I think it is very valuable.   It describes the cycle of abuse from the perspective of the narcissistic abuser.  It has four stages: The narcissist feels threatened They abuse They feel they are the victim They […]

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In Defense of (some) Shoulds #2 ethics

May 5, 2015

  In the last post I looked at how shoulds lead to misery. And how saying ‘you shouldn’t have shoulds’ doesn’t help.   Ethics One area of ‘you shouldn’t have shoulds’ is in beliefs about right and wrong. It is quite common for people to say that ‘we are all entitled to our beliefs’ about […]

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In Defense of (some) Shoulds  #1 listening to the shoulds

April 29, 2015

  Shoulds tend to get a bad press in the self development blogosphere, and for good reason. Usually they lead to misery. Because they are based on perfectionism and demands that are impossible to fulfil. Usually they are just a way of torturing ourselves. Usually they are absorbed from others rather than thought through decisions. […]

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Female and Male, Private and Public, and A New Religion

April 24, 2015

  This post was inspired by Annabel Crabb’s The Wife Drought. (A ‘wife’ being a person of any gender who isn’t in paid employment or is in part-time employment in order to support their spouse who is working full-time). Annabel is an Australian journalist. She writes very readable prose and has a good eye for […]

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