This post is stimulated by a post that a friend on Facebook alerted me to: about the West not needing more of the Hero(ine)’s Story.


Which I think is true.


I do think that the adaptability and creativity of individuals is vital and important.  The problem is ignoring our social context.  We Western adults tend to ‘forget’ that we were once children utterly dependent on others and that our current lives are also very connected to others (few of us would be happy alone on an island – and we probably wouldn’t last that long either).


So here’s the challenge: tell the story of your life in terms of what you have learned from others and how others have impacted you (positively or negatively).


My story would be shaped by,

  • My mother: learning about the importance of connecting with people
  • My father: modelling stepping back and thinking
  • My grade 4 teacher (Miss Lloyd): offering me a sense of individual connection
  • My high school English teacher: teaching me about engaging with ideas
  • My pastor: demonstrating engagement with issues and not being scared that the Christian faith can’t deal with facts or need be scared of reality.
  • Geoff Wilson, my acupuncture teacher: teaching me to try and see without prejudice or filters.


If you can, once you have done this, see if a title suggests itself.  Writing the above, the theme that emerged for me was engagement.  So possible titles for my story would be things like:

  • The engaged life.
  • Disconnection and connection.
  • Engage without prejudice.


If you would like to share what you came up with please do in the comments.



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