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Satisfied? Eight Stages of Experience #7

After we have engaged with something our attention returns to ourselves. There can be a tinge of sadness to this part of the process: we were totally focussed on something and now it turns out not to be everything but just something. It may be a beautiful or remarkable something; but what was our focus is now (just) part of the scene.

This begins the return to ourselves.

From resting we began attending to ourselves and what was ‘disturbing’ us, we scanned the environment and focussed on one part of it, we started interacting with this part of our environment and gained some experience of it so that we had a sense of what it was and what it can do. Now we begin to know how it relates to what I wanted: whether it will help with what ‘disturbed’ me. Put simply this stage is about: am I satisfied.

Whether I am satisfied can be anything from very simple to remarkably complex. If I was thirst and drank the water it is likely I will be completely satisfied. Investigating a new philosophy may lead to a whole lot of satisfactions and dissatisfactions. The new philosophy may have an adequate theory of the person’s social role yet lack any consideration of aesthetics. The computer program may be good at word processing but have a not so good data base function. The more complicated the thing we are dealing with the more nuanced will be our assessment.

It is important to remember this stage. Because our schooling encourages mindless obedience this stage can be neglected.

Discerning what is satsifying and not satisfying about our experience is essential if we wish to enjoy our lives more.

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  • Viv ;=) 2007/12/02, 12:53 am

    Hello…thank you for this enlightening post.
    It made me sit up and gave a deep thought about your mentioning on ‘Discerning what is satisfying and not satisfying about our experience is essential if we wish to enjoy our lives more.’ which made me more aware of myself and things around me.

    Best regards.

  • Evan Hadkins 2007/12/02, 4:59 am

    Thanks Viv,

    To know that one of my posts has helped someone be more aware of themselves and their world is always delightful. It’s what’s most important to me. Thanks. Evan

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