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by Evan on 2008/03/13

The blog Reason-4-Smile is about “turning limitations into advantages” and “helping introverts to be successful”.

It is Robert’s story about working with his intoversion. I think he sees it a little too much as a problem for my liking. However there is huge amount of very good content on his blog. The post which lays out his positive approach to limitations I find particularly impressive. It is well worth reading in full and thinking about, in my opinion. It came as a breath of fresh air to me.

From the picture on his ‘About‘ page Robert has an Asian appearance. It may be that English is not his first language, his posts certainly read as if this is the case. There are occasional usage errors in his writing. For me (someone who is a bit of a grammar nazi) this is more than made up for by the quality of the content. Robert always has something to say, his blog is mostly free of anything approaching filler.

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