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Personal Update

Hi folks, I’m not able to blog as much as usual at the moment – and maybe for another week or so. My mum ended up in hospital with a collapsed vertebra. (Eat your dark leafy green vegies and go for walks; the consequences of osteoporosis are not nice.) So visiting her, trying to get sense out of a hospital and helping her settle back in at home has taken some of the time and attention I usually give to blogging.

It takes time for bone to heal (especially for someone who is 86) so it while probably be a couple of months before we know what the real story is.

So my blogging will be a bit less frequent for the next little while. I hope life is going well with you in your part of the blogosphere, Evan.

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  • upsi 2011/07/01, 12:29 am

    Sending my love, hope your Mum is on the mend xo upsi

  • Evan 2011/07/01, 10:19 am

    Thanks upsi. Yes, she seems to be on the improve. It was a repair to a vertebra so we won’t know much about the long-term outcome for a month or two because it takes a long while for bone to heal. Many thanks for your thoughts, Evan

  • ayo 2011/07/01, 3:23 pm

    hello evan
    how are you?
    hope your mum feels much better each day
    my thoughts are with you at this time.
    take care

  • Evan 2011/07/01, 3:40 pm

    Thanks ayo, she is sleeping lots and seems to be on the improve. Thanks for your thoughts.

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