Are We Spiritual Yet?

by Evan on 2012/01/25

Corinne is a blogging friend who writes at Personal Growth with Corinne Edwards. She has had a varied career that has taken in real estate, counselling, and (most relevant to this post), interviewer of self help and self improvement authors on the cable show Wisdom TV.

As she was interviewing these writers Corinne found that they were all saying the same thing in slightly different ways. This lead to a couple of things. First thing: she needed to find the different thing as a way to make the interviews fresh. Second thing: this book, called Are We Spiritual Yet.

This book is Corinne’s summary and distillation of spirituality.

Each chapter is a brief, punchy and self-contained reflection on a major theme. The 17 chapters cover such topics as:

  • peacefulness
  • fear and small stuff
  • personal growth
  • gratitude
  • when you can’t forgive
  • intuition – listening to your signals
  • writing your way to a decision
  • today is as good as it gets

Corinne is looking for spirituality that works in the real world and looking at how spirituality can work in the real world. You’ll search in vain for ‘metaphysical fluff’.

Corinne’s writing style is down to earth and direct – in her chapter on the secret (The Secret – how’s that working for ya?), she says that she learnt early that:
If you really, really want something, it is not going to happen if you don’t do something to get it. (p.28)

In her chapter on forgiveness she asks: “But how do we get there? And who, within us, is going there?”, and answers:
It is the child you have covered up. It is you. It is me. Unhealed. Frightened. Hidden. Sure he or she is bad.(p.13)

Corinne is also wise enough to use stories, which are engaging (personally I find it difficult to write this way – even though I enjoy reading it), so that the book is not heavy or difficult to read.

Corinne has chosen to treat important topics rather than to come up with a treatise or theory. This means that you are free to take you learn and leave the rest – she isn’t laying out a system that she wants to convince you of.

If you want a book of inspirational thoughts on spirituality – with an eye very much on the practical – then I think you will enjoy this book and benefit from Are We Spiritual Yet? It is available in paperback or from kindle here (non-affiliate link).



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