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Jesus Approach to Self Development (according to me)

I’ve written a very brief book or extremely long post outlining what I see as Jesus’ approach to self development.

It is about 35 A4 pages in 12 point. (About 25 pages of content + contents, cover etc.)

It is basically an exploration of Jesus’ saying that, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light”.  I have called it The Tao of Christ.  I thought of calling it: Light and Easy – Jesus’ approach to self development, but thought this might sound like I was trivialising the topic.

The link immediately below is the PDF.

The Tao of Christ.


This is the contents.





1. The Present misery: The Christ pictures the current situation as one of work and heavy burdens


The New Religion of Work (social)

The New Religion of Work (personal)

The Faith in Suffering


Are you working too hard?

A Heavy Burden

Shoulds and Goals


Are you carrying too much?


2. A Better Life: The way the Christ offers is one of easy discipline and light burdens

The Merciful Yoke

Your Preferences


Living easily

The Light Burden

The 70% rule

The 80/20 Rule: priorities and effectiveness



The Name of the Game

Changing the World


Doing Lightly


3. The Christ’s way is humble and lowly



Your preferences, strengths, interests and limitations


What do you appreciate?

Respect for wholeness


Receptivity and bringing change


Do you try to force yourself or others to do things?

Health is a kind of self forgetfulness


When have you become absorbed in something and ‘forgotten yourself’?

Willing to learn


What have you enjoyed learning?

Willing to help


When has helping gone well or badly for you?

Generosity: or fairness beyond justice


How would you like to give generously?



When have you felt truly welcomed?


4. The Outcome: Rest

We need more of it

Self-acceptance not earned merit

The organismic vision – the differences of the parts contribute to the whole




I hope you like it and find it beneficial.  I have also put it on a dedicated page on this blog.


Comments are always welcome, either here or via email or however, Evan.



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