One Small Step #5

by Evan on 2015/12/17

This post is part of a series, each one is an exercise that addresses one part of your life and is designed to be brief and simple enough to become a habit.

The first post in the series is One Small Step #1.


Today smelling

Smelling (if you are in a sterile environment you may need something for this – a piece of fruit or fabric, some perfume or liquid . . . ).
For five breaths, with your eyes closed if this helps, become aware of where you are and how you are. Just settle into you current situation.

Use three breaths to notice any odours or reach for whatever you are going to smell.
For three breaths, notice the odour. Is it all one thing or are there different odours that make it up?
Now spend three breaths noticing if the odour reminds you of anything or changes slightly your mood or thoughts.
Then spend three breaths noticing how you feel having done this.

Finish with five breaths settling with where you are and how you are.


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bikehikebabe December 18, 2015 at 10:30 am

We’re having new windows put in & I smell paper & plastic that are being taken off windows. Pleasant smell.
Now I’m smelling aromiatherapy lavender. I feel very well & relaxed. Good mood & thoughts.

I put some of this cream at edge of nostrils when I go to bed at night but it doesn’t work because I’m wound up & know it’s SUPPOSE to relax me so it doesn’t. Maybe it does later.

I have a keen sense of smell (for my age). Husband says he can’t smell, “doesn’t smell good”– he told the doctor JOKE.

Evan December 18, 2015 at 11:10 am

I find lavender relaxing too. Thanks for you comment.

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