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Update and Coming Up

What have I been up to lately?

Two things mostly.

  1. Our nephew is living with us (my wife and I) for a while. This has been mostly gone great.

2. I’ve been learning about philosophy – mostly via podcasts and some reading – and discussing it – mostly on some Facebook pages dedicated to it. I don’t know why I suddenly got interested in philosophy but I’m quite enjoying learning about it. My biggest discovery is that, until it became academic, a big part of philosophy is what we now call ‘self development’ – investigating what people and their situation/s are like, with a view to improving life.



What’s coming up?

A couple of things I think.

  1. I got a comment in the comment box about speaking the truth. So the next blog post will probably be about this. (If you have any question at all about living an authentic life, just type it in the box and I’ll do my best to answer it.)
  1. I’ve written a longish piece about our situation and how to respond to it. I am going to break this up and turn it into a series of posts.

Hope life is going well with you. You’re welcome to let me know how you are in the comments. Talk soon, Evan.

I'm Evan Hadkins. To find out how to live a more satisfying life you can download my manifesto on living authentically. It is a book of exercises to guide you to finding, nourishing and living from the core of who you are.

If you would like me to write about some aspect of living an authentic life please don't hesitate to get in touch. There is a box in the sidebar where you can leave a question anonymously if you wish, or you can email me, use the contact page, or comment on this post.

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