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Grief Rage and Fear

Most of us in the world are probably affected by what happens in China, Russia or the US. And these countries affect each other. So the recent US election will probably affect everyone directly or indirectly. (My country, Australia is affected by the decisions of both the US and China.)

My friends in the US are moving on from shock to grief, some into depression, others to outrage. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that some are terrified. Many are fearful of the future, many more are worried.


Staying With It

What to do? This may not be welcome advice, but stay with it – as you can, feel the feelings. Withdraw for a time. Feel some more. Listen to the fears – there will like be experiences from your childhood that are awoken; along with realistic concerns.

Express the feelings fully. This will take time. And it may mean going to a place where you can throw stuff and stomp and scream safely.

If you can talk to others who can listen, this will help.


Doing Stuff

Once you feel that you can think clearly, decide on some things to do.

What can you do to safeguard those you love?

How can you preserve or build the kind of society you want to live in?

Start tiny. Do anything.

To begin with, the most important is to begin. However tiny the first step is, take it. It will help with the feelings and is a positive contribution.

Taking the next step will be easier. And a few small steps can add up to a significant difference for yourself and those around you. If you can link with friends or existing groups then the actions can rapidly add up.


Any and all comments very welcome.

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  • Wendy Love 2016/11/12, 11:36 pm

    ‘Feel the feelings’ is great advice no matter what we are experiencing! Well put. I live in Canada and am also very much affected by what is happening in the states. But nothing compared to what they are experiencing down there. We just hear about it. It will soon become very personal to them. Kind of like 911, we heard it all on the news, but most Americans actually knew someone who lost their life. To us it was just news.
    I am gathering from family who are Americans, that there is a sense of relief that the nasty campaign and the guessing is behind them, but I suppose that relief is being replaced by dread. At least that is what the press would like to make us think.
    The press is kind of like our thoughts when we are depressed, they are just thoughts, not facts. We always need to remember that about the press!

  • Evan 2016/11/13, 11:33 am

    Yes, the press . . . I am in contact with some US friends via social media. My impression is that the press may be understating how widespread the trauma is (and how deep it goes for some).

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