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Update from Evan


This year I’ve started a BA.  It’s been interesting going as a mature age student.  In some cases knowing more than the lecturer about some sub-topic (eg. gestalt as a sub-topic in humanistic psychotherapy); in others knowing more in different areas that get mentioned in passing (no, arts tutor, there was not a major depression in the 1960’s).

The pettifogging of academia has tried my patience.  Is it really a crime to use an initial instead of a name (or vice versa) in citations?

I’ve really enjoyed the other students.  It’s been very enjoyable to have intellectual exchange.

An unacknowledged part of uni is life experience.  I can do better than younger people just due to general life experience (sussing out what the lecturer is after and what the question means).  Which is unfair.  My ideas about people being more than their intellect have been confirmed.


Life is Full

My wife and I are caring for our niece and nephew.  We aren’t sure for how long.  But it has meant lots of extra little things to do, and these add up.

It is rewarding, and also ‘has its moments’.


Coming Up

I have a post (a book review) on philosophy of self-development planned.  If you would like me to cover a topic, let me know. Evan



I'm Evan Hadkins. To find out how to live a more satisfying life you can download my manifesto on living authentically. It is a book of exercises to guide you to finding, nourishing and living from the core of who you are.

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  • Clarinda 2017/06/22, 12:29 pm

    Congratulations! Great decision to go back to school. I am 55 and still have 4 classes left. Congratulations on getting to take care of your niece and nephew. It’s a chance for you and your wife to share your wisdom and positively influence 2 young minds.

  • Evan 2017/06/22, 12:32 pm

    Thanks Clarinda. Hope you’re enjoying the studying.

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