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Living Authentically


Living Authentically is your guide to a life of less stress and more joy.

It sets out the eight stages of living authentically and gives lots of guided exercises so that you can experience living authentically for yourself.

Once you have experienced this you can reduce the stress and increasing the joy in your life.  Reducing the stress because stress comes from doing what doesn’t fit for you.  More joy because joy comes from living a life that flows from the core of who you are.


“At last! A self-improvement book that is not guilt-ridden. It gives us permission to not only accept – but to discover who we really are at our “core.” Evan and Carmen guide us gently and kindly with examples and exercises toward a peaceful and authentic life.”

Corinne Edwards – Author of Reflections from a Woman Alone

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For a sample of what’s inside you can read the introduction and,
try living authentically now.