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Is this You?

This website is for you if you are interested in living authentically.  That is, you have a sense that you want to live from your heart, the core of who you are.

My guess is that having come here means that you are someone who:

  • is well into adulthood
  • has already had some experience with self-development books, courses or seminars or perhaps personal therapy
  • didn’t find your experience of self-development or therapy was entirely satisfactory, or you felt that you wanted something more from it
  • is either dealing with past trauma, or feel that life should be more than you are currently experiencing
  • values your independence and autonomy
  • and, wants grounded direction – but not to be told what to do or how you should think, feel or act.

Even if this doesn’t remotely describe you, please feel very welcome – and I hope you find much here, on my blog, in my newsletter, or free report that will be of benefit to you.

Please feel welcome to contact me – my Contact page has a form on it so that you can do this. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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