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My Manifesto

My free report is Satisfaction From Authenticity. It is my guide to living a life of lasting satisfaction. It is fairly long (about 50 pages) and is mostly practical exercises that you can do (the theory is given in the appendices). You can download it from this link.

Satisfaction From Authenticity (pdf)

The report guides you through each stage of your experience – by flowing through these stages, rather than getting stuck at any one of them, we can experience satisfaction instead of frustration.

Please be aware of your own vulnerabilities. A report isn’t, and can’t be, a therapist. Some of the exercises may hook deep issues for you. I don’t recommend dealing with issues you haven’t dealt with until now unless you have lots of skilled people to support you. If you are nervous or concerned about doing any exercise, don’t do it. There are more than enough exercises which I hope you will be comfortable with that can significantly add to the satisfaction you experience.

All comments are most welcome. I trust that completing the exercises will guide you to a life of lasting satisfaction, Evan.